Monday, March 14, 2011

Experiment 9 - Alone

There is one moment in the day where I was completely alone. When you feel completely alone it is not all about the space in which you are put. I was, incidentally, in a very large space with an adequate stage in front of me. There was something about the room that was so full of emptiness. If I can describe it, I will think of myself as having conquered something. It was only for as long as one can think, "I am alone" that I was actually alone. I felt forlorn, like I needed to move from this awfully empty space, yet, when someone came in, I felt as though they were entering into my private sanctuary, encroaching on my solitude. Some may call this bipolar. I think it is an experiment in positive and negative space. When I was alone I felt the negative space repelling me. When someone came in, I felt the positive space fill up so much room that the other person could not possibly fit. And, yet, the physics of my mind was overturned, and I...had a classmate.

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