Friday, March 18, 2011

Experiment 10 - My Horrible Dear

I have always loved you. You have cut me deep. You isolated me. Tearing my heart until all I could do was bleed. I felt a hollow joy when you reigned in my heart. All the things I saw through your eyes were sickly gold. Now my world is deep colors. I am independent from the plans you had of fame and status. I have no flash, nothing to set me above. You think Checkmate. But I don't play chess anymore. I am apart. Those who love you cannot see me. You have always hated me, and now you make no pretense to your feelings. But now I can dance without fear. I can sing to the heart. I know that my new hope is only a baby and that you are strong, but those painful and calculated steps are more beautiful to my Lover than any mountain I can climb. So, my pride, I hope we become enemies. 

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