Friday, March 18, 2011

Experiment 10 - My Horrible Dear

I have always loved you. You have cut me deep. You isolated me. Tearing my heart until all I could do was bleed. I felt a hollow joy when you reigned in my heart. All the things I saw through your eyes were sickly gold. Now my world is deep colors. I am independent from the plans you had of fame and status. I have no flash, nothing to set me above. You think Checkmate. But I don't play chess anymore. I am apart. Those who love you cannot see me. You have always hated me, and now you make no pretense to your feelings. But now I can dance without fear. I can sing to the heart. I know that my new hope is only a baby and that you are strong, but those painful and calculated steps are more beautiful to my Lover than any mountain I can climb. So, my pride, I hope we become enemies. 

Monday, March 14, 2011

Experiment 9 - Alone

There is one moment in the day where I was completely alone. When you feel completely alone it is not all about the space in which you are put. I was, incidentally, in a very large space with an adequate stage in front of me. There was something about the room that was so full of emptiness. If I can describe it, I will think of myself as having conquered something. It was only for as long as one can think, "I am alone" that I was actually alone. I felt forlorn, like I needed to move from this awfully empty space, yet, when someone came in, I felt as though they were entering into my private sanctuary, encroaching on my solitude. Some may call this bipolar. I think it is an experiment in positive and negative space. When I was alone I felt the negative space repelling me. When someone came in, I felt the positive space fill up so much room that the other person could not possibly fit. And, yet, the physics of my mind was overturned, and I...had a classmate.

Experiment 8 - Present Tense Picture Monologue

The assignment was to pick a scenario described in our book and write a monologue about it using pictures in our mind of what is happening. This stretched me as a writer because I generally don't write like I am presently seeing something. This monologue felt more like the action section I am used to putting at the beginning of each scene in screenplays.

The flames are just starting to be visible. 5. Coming out the windows and lapping up the sides onto the roof. 4. They caress the houses on both sides. Houses are crashing like dominoes. 3. Big Ben tolls and flames  dance at its base. 2. London Bridge's wires snap and flail as it falls into the Thames. 1. Ash billows over London. Now I can only see the cloud.

So, my character was supposed to be having a dream about London burning and was counting down until its destruction.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Experiment 6 - Questions

Can you stand close to someone but not feel that they are there?

What would life be like if we were judged by the appearance of the body on the inside rather than on the outside?

What happens when there is no hierarchy?

Is there ever a time when that happens?

Can love run over you?

Can it crush you?

Can you get tired of macaroni and cheese? How professional is too professional?

Is there such a thing as too professional?

If Ann of Green Gables lived today, how would society change her life?

Experiment 5 - A Prayer for Japan


Dear God,

Please heal all of the broken hearts and bodies flooding Japan, much greater than any wave could be. Thank you for allowing many to escape. Heal their will and hope for life. May pain bring them to the Healer that You may heal the wounds only now revealed physically. Baptise them with more than water.

Experiment 4 - Insomnia

Good morning world. My eyes squint and my body clearly wants to remain horizontal. Although my eyes refuse to open, they equally protest relaxation. Morning heaves me out of bed with a sigh and a trip. Facts are confused with dreams. The real and unreal mingle. The creative is born.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Experiment 3 - Free Write

I need to write. It isn't something that I do because I love it. I do, which makes it much easier. When I write I can be myself, but I also can make all of the snarky jokes that I will learn to have the guts to say. For example:

Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?

Not until now.

Are you in the library? Because I want to check you out.

I am in the reference section.

I suffer from a servere case of the niceness silencers.

Experiment 2 - Juxtaposition of Joy and Grief

Bird's high notes of a song
Deep sobs
The bird sad
The tears hollow 

Experiment 1 - Thoughts on William Blake's Augeries of Innocence

To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour.

-William Blake

The world is such a vast place that to think of it in a grain of sand makes one stagger at the thought of an hourglass. And, yet, such things are entirely possible. Perhaps, when we are overwhelmed by our insignificance, we should use a magnifying glass. 

Joy can be in the small things, like a wild flower. We all agree that nature is beautiful, but there is a reason why the phrase "Stop and smell the roses" has been used. Because we do not enjoy the little things in life, even the larger things do not have as much weight as they could. If we can allow ourselves to forget the world for even a second and truly look at something beautiful, it changes us. 

Step out of time and savor the small.