Monday, March 14, 2011

Experiment 8 - Present Tense Picture Monologue

The assignment was to pick a scenario described in our book and write a monologue about it using pictures in our mind of what is happening. This stretched me as a writer because I generally don't write like I am presently seeing something. This monologue felt more like the action section I am used to putting at the beginning of each scene in screenplays.

The flames are just starting to be visible. 5. Coming out the windows and lapping up the sides onto the roof. 4. They caress the houses on both sides. Houses are crashing like dominoes. 3. Big Ben tolls and flames  dance at its base. 2. London Bridge's wires snap and flail as it falls into the Thames. 1. Ash billows over London. Now I can only see the cloud.

So, my character was supposed to be having a dream about London burning and was counting down until its destruction.

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